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Travelling South Africa is a dream for many adventure freaks and nature lovers, especially if you’ve taken up one of our blogger jobs. Check out some fantastic moments of the ‘big five’ at natural forests and share your stories with us.

A Glimpse of the Big Five in a Safari Trip is a Lifetime Experience: Capture this for the World as a Blog Writer
Our blogger jobs enable amateur photographers, fresher looking for practical work, or experienced writers looking for a challenging job to work on their talent and get recognition without spending money for it. Travel anywhere in South Africa, enjoy a hilarious nightlife or daring safari trip to the Kalahari – our writing job for bloggers can help you be occupied with a purpose.

Write, click photos, and publish. Within days, you can see how your blogging job enables you to reap lucrative results. All we want from you:

  • Avid writing and travelling spirit
  • Zeal to capture pristine nature
  • Workable knowledge of the Internet and web writing

…And, a competitive strength to make your work of art a success.

Our Blogging Medium
Our blog section is simple to use yet supported with the latest web technologies so that our travel writers can post articles even during their safari trip. Some common features of our blogging medium are:

  • Quick website updates
  • Easy-to-understand interface and navigation
  • Useful embedded plug-ins
  • Strong backend infrastructure
  • Stringent firewall protocols
  • Web technology to support unique theme, colour combination, and more features
  • Easy to upload photos, comments
  • Custom-made templates for fast uploads

…And, bloggers can pursue online marketing and interact with social media sites for better coverage of their travel stories.

A Money-Earning Proposition
As a web-based travel writer, you manage your time, topic, and how you want to script your travelogue. We give you a safe, reliable, and user-friendly medium to work on.

We also give you the option to earn money from your travel stories. Here is how it works:

  • Free ad generating tools help you to get adverts for your blog. Published ads fetch you money.
  • Keyword generating tools help you with popular keywords. Optimized stories get good ranking in top search engines. People notice your article.
  • Pay-per-Click option allows you to earn money for every click on the ads by the visitors.
  • Better inbound links pointing to your blog through comments from social media networks for instance, boost your article’s PR value. Your article gets recognized in the online world. Affiliated programs allow well-known articles to fetch money in return.

Sound overwhelming?  Don’t worry; our help desk is right here to guide you through online marketing techniques. Talk to us or interact with fellow travel writers at the discussion forum. Find out better ideas and unique ways to enjoy the beauty of South Africa and also make your joyful trip a business one too.

For more details on our blogger jobs, write to our counsellors.


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