Camping in Australia

Camping in South Australia with a Group of School Kids

Scouts and guides would love to camp at a sprawling yet forested and pristine land at Adelaide in South Australia. However, my school thought it otherwise! The principal planned a short camping trip at Rapid Bay camping area with group of school kids aged between 9 and 10. As their class-teacher, I had to be careful, plan early, and make a list of things needed for emergency. The idea was to travel with kids sans their parents or caregivers so that they can independently take care of their daily chores and learn how to be confident. The camp sessions like these make it easy for kids to be confident and learn how they manage themselves alone.

Gearing Up for the Camp
I created a list of things needed for camp – the essentials as well as the kit for entertainment. A general plan to keep the kids preoccupied is also required while going in a camp so that they are not bored or lonely in the trip. Some basics include a tent, bedding or sleeping bags, flash lights, pest repellents, camp pillow and a gear.

Managing food for the kids is also tough at times. Remember, you may not get a kitchen to cook but just a fireplace. I managed a compact cooking equipment to cook our dishes. I kept dry meal as the menu, such as burgers, processed foodstuff, and easy-to-cook vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots. I had a knack in preparing barbeque dishes, so preparing tasty grub for the kiddos were not difficult. However, I made sure that the food was nutritious and protein-based as camping takes away a lot of energy. Remember, hiking, outdoor fun and entertainments are a part of camping venture.

Fun-n-Frolic Ventures
Once our camping grounds were prepared, we had to plan for our outdoor activities. South Australia has lush green forests, undulating hills, and waters. The kids were ready with their swim suits and rubber dingy to enjoy a day at the Onkaparinga River National Park. The next venture was a trip the Kangaroo Island and the Coorong National Park. We had arranged four-wheeler vehicles to take us half way. We dropped at a beautiful idyllic spot at Adelaide and hiked the entire trip to the national park.

The Kangaroo Island was a real treat for the kids as they could see the kangaroos from a close range, feed the koalas and see the wallabies. Close-by, we explored the Fleurieu Peninsula which had a serene ambience, clean sandy beach, sandstones and limestone cliffs. The kids were tired though. We drove back quickly and spend the night at the camp. The kids slept like logs. They were hungry and needed calories to replenish their lost energy.

When to Stop
A satiating feeling in kids is a wonderful treat you can give the kids while traveling with them. Australia offers a good scope of traveling with kids as nature is still untouched by pollution. From beaches, great walks, to forests and national parks, you can take your kids just anywhere to tour Australia.

And, South Australia at Adelaide and its adjoining areas offers a good opportunity for taking a bunch of kids, guides, or scouts to have an adventure and imaginative holiday in Australia.


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