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Every sixth Australian is obese, in 20 years probably even every third. This is a major problem, which burden the public exchequer of the country: Last year the consequences of obesity double the expenses of health care.

Sydney – The obesity is costly for Australia: As a result of the obesity the consequential charges exceeded the expenses of health care with 21 billion Australian dollars (12.6 billion) by twice.

This is a fact presented by a study of the Parliament of Canbarra. For this reason the obesity of the Australian citizens put more and more pressure on the public exchequer. And it could get worse.

According to an actual Australian Diabetes- Report 3,2 million Australians- that equates 16 percent of the population- are obese. It is expected that this number will be reduplicate by the next 20 years, if there is no change of the dietary habits.

Then it would be almost one third of the population, which is severely overweight. To the series of diseases of obesity the Australian Diabetes- Report counts the diabetes, cardiac and circulatory troubles, cancer and joint diseases.

These consequences would be expensive to Australia: they would give the explosion of direct and indirect costs a rise, says the Report. Senator Guy Barnett compared the obesity problem with a “tsunami”.

He rolls on the country and will overwhelm the health service, if the Australians do not change their lifestyle.

Jantje Zimmer


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