Holiday in Australia with Kids

Can You Enjoy a Holiday with Infants or Toddlers in Tow?

Yes, surely new mothers with babies tucked in their laps can enjoy a satiating holiday as well. Whether you are planning to take a long distant flight or cruise to the Pacific, traveling with kids is fun and enjoyable. Don’t worry about getting tired or preoccupied with your mothering chores. Today, kid-friendly accommodations, holiday spots, and activities have helped mothers to forget their daily chores for a while.

At first, even I found this incredible. However, let me tell you how I traveled with my newborn and how many such new mothers like me travel with ease in different parts of Australia.

Perfect Room, Setting, and Culture
My son of 6 months was with me when we took the earliest flight to Gold Coast for a mirthful and relaxing holiday. My elder child was then a big kid and wanted to have fun with water while we wanted to enjoy romantic dinner and spa treatment. But, I was worried about my little one, as he needed care round-the-clock.

So, we decided to go for Zagames Paradise Resort – a comfy accommodation with not-so-expensive rates. The receptionist told me that the resort was made just for kids and toddlers so that their parents can enjoy without thinking how to preoccupy the kids. A night-nanny was at hand who promptly started her nursing duties on my infant the night we reached the resort. Early morning, a baby-sitter dropped at our hotel room. She was certified sitter dedicated to look after toddlers and infants.

It was possible to leave my little one under her care and visit the temperature-controlled aqua-spa in the same facility. The hotel had been equipped with a child health care center where one could get immediate attention for the kid in case of a health calamity. Basic amenities, such as crib and bedding just for the infants were equally important. For instance, a comfy crib with safety net is a must for newborns and toddlers. I was lucky to get spotless clean bedding and enough accessories whenever I needed.

A kid-friendly resort must have suitable facilities just right for the kids. Most have a pool for kids, water parks, nurseries, activity rooms, and hotel room decked up with DVD-player or music system. While my big kid enjoyed his days at the Kid’s Club, my little one enjoyed soft music at the hotel room.

Beach Resorts and Self-Catering Cottages
Kids love beachfront resorts as they can mingle in the sea-waters, enjoy rolling in the beach, and have play at the sprawling playgrounds. Family suites include a lounge area or a living room and two bedrooms – one master bedroom and another room for the kids. Self-catering kitchens are sometimes useful for families going out with infants or toddlers where eating out can be tough for the kids.

Consider the rates though when you travel to Australia! From Hamilton Island to Bintan Island, Boathavan Spa, Adventure Whitsunday Resort, Toscana Village Resort, and Comfort Resort Club Crocodile Airlie Beach, there are many types of family accommodation that are just right for toddlers to holiday in peace in Australia. Most of the hotels offer rooms at rates of 150-to-200 AUD per night. And, if you are looking for perfect holiday with family and kids at a plush city, say, Sydney, you can book a room at Blue, Four Seasons, or InterContinental.


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