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Travel-India Blog – a entirely free information centre for travellers travelling to India

Unlike many travel sites, Travel India Blog does not charge anything from its readers for sharing experts’ travel tips to India and useful advice to make a trip to this country a pleasant one.

In fact, we offer travellers with a penchant to script travel stories a medium where they can showcase their work of art.

The blog section not only allows travellers to post their memorable travelogue for free, it also has features to share the post with social media network.

Business Model

We encourage readers to log-in to Travel-India-Blog, create blogs, and earn some money through online marketing techniques. We however, don’t intend to make money from our website as our objective is to supply useful information, advice, and anecdotes about India to our readers.

We want to use this platform to exchange information and interaction among travellers who are travelling or will travel to India in future.


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