India with kids

Traveling with kids to India

Most of the parents who are planning their trip to India with kids are worried about many things. The food, the environment, whether it is a good idea to travel to India with kids and many more questions like such keeps them worried.

Our advice to you is to keep all your worries at bay. India is as safe a place for traveling as any other tourist spot. One just needs to know few important things about the land and the culture and rest is a pleasure to deal with. Do your homework well in advance.

Read all about you can on internet about the place you are visiting. The climate at the time you shall be there, whether it’s the best time to go. The culture and the kind of environment the place offers. If it’s good for kids or could be strenuous for them.  All these things need to be researched about before you finalise anything.

Whether in North India during May to June is summers season. Heat is on its peak and the temperature can go up to 50 degrees which is not good time to travel under the sun. However winters are pleasant and cold. Most of the people prefer traveling to India during winters. In South or places like Mumbai, the city of Bollywood, though all over the year temperature is moderate, however it is not advisable to travel to this city during monsoon. Monsoons start during June and go till September. You just need to check the best time to be in India for a specific location.

When traveling with Kids just educate them about the culture of India. You need to tell them it is okay if they see lots of people asking for alms in India. They need not feel bad about not being able to give money to all of them. Also tell them being from a foreign land, many people will stare at them and may try to be friendly with a hello or handshake. You will have to educate them that people in India are fascinated to see foreigners.

However, some of the considerations that should be kept in mind are:

  • The effort put in and the number of holidays should be in proportion, i.e. it’s not advisable to visit with young kids if you are coming for less than a month.
  • Educate your child as much as you can before coming to India as you don’t know how will he react to a busy airport with brown people everywhere, or so many people talking in different languages, the heat, smell, and chaos? You need to have answers for these questions.
  • Another very important thing is to watch your kids routine, what he does whole day may be for a week and then find solutions about how he will do that in India.

India is not just another country but it’s another world where you will find so much diversity in everything i.e. from food to clothes, from religion to languages, everything. A Trip to India is always a great fun but if you are travelling with kids then all you need to do is to educate yourself a bit. Then after, confirm your tickets to India and have an enjoyable and memorable time for you and your family during your stay at India.


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