South Africa with Kids

Will my kids get bored travelling around South Africa?
This really depends on your children. If they love seeing nature right outside their window as they travel, then they will love being on the road! However if they get bored easily and need a distraction, then we recommend bringing with you some form of entertainment for your children while they are on the road. This could be a book, a game or a music player, anything that your child will enjoy.

Will my children be safe in South Africa?
South Africa is generally a safe country to visit, however you should always remain cautious and vigilant during your time there. There are parts of the country where Malaria is still an issue, and South Africa has one of the highest rates of HIV in the entire world. Always be careful if you suffer any injuries involving blood and be cautious of infections by finding out the risk before you travel to specific areas. There are certain areas in the major cities that you should avoid completely, especially at night time. Always check warning before you travel to the country and keep your children with you at all times. This will ensure their safety is paramount and nothing can go wrong to ruin your holiday with them.


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