Travel with Kids

Travel with Kids

Are you one of these parents who always worry when it comes to going on a holiday with your kids? The constant stress of finding places that will suit not only you but also your children? It can be a bit of a task to find places where kids will always be entertained and never bored; all the while you are enjoying yourself as well. Here at we hope to provide you with a one stop destination for all the help you need when it comes to taking your kids with you on your next holiday!

This can be from a local holiday to a trip to the other side of the world! We have you covered! And the best part about our site is the majority of articles you will read come from people just like you who want to share their own experiences!

Some of the things you will find on our site are:

  • Advice on the best places to take your kids on a holiday to avoid any really boring and mundane spots that your kids simply will not enjoy.
  • The best things to take with you on your trip with your kids so that your kids won't find themselves becoming bored easily or make you want to continuously pull your hair out from the stress of having them with you!
  • Hearing from other parents personally as to what worked for them and what didn't work for them in taking their kids on a trip with them and finding out how you can avoid any issues.
  • Money saving advice so that you can always make sure you have plenty of cash left over in your back pocket to really enjoy some of the finer things on your trip away. It is never cheap to travel with kids so it's always important to look out for a bargain, and some of our contributors know the best ways that you can save as much money as possible when it comes to travelling with your kids!
  • The opportunity for you to contribute so that if you have anything to say about your experiences in travelling with your children then you have the platform to do so!

Great sites like this only come around every so often so make sure you have us bookmarked and keep checking back for all the latest stories, tips and advice that you will ever need when it comes to travelling with your kids!

Find out the best ways to travel with kids!

Read about and contribute to the easiest ways to enjoy a stress free holidays with the young ones!

Tips for Traveling with Children

Tips for Traveling with Children

My tips for traveling with children will help streamline your travel and keep everyone in a better mood!

Do's and Don't s traveling with kids

Do's and Don't s traveling with kids

Travelling with kids
Do's & Don'ts for Travelling with kids
By Ben Waterworth

DO take your kids with you when you go on holiday! A lot of parents don't want to take their children with them when they go on a trip as they assume their kids will...

Travel Safety for Kids

Travel Safety for Kids
6 Effective Child Travel Safety Tips
Travelling with your child/children can be demanding as well as a fun experience. Being in the know before you go can help keep your child/children safe and reduce the stress on you. Here...
Preventing motion sickness in children

Preventing motion sickness in children

Preventing motion sickness with your children

It's a great idea to hit the road and go on a car trip with your children. But one problem that is common when it comes to travelling on the road is that of motion or car sickness.

This basically happens...

Flying with a Baby

Flying with a Baby

Infants First Flight – Traveling with a Toddler

Airport – Escort Pass

If you must travel alone with a baby, you may be able to at least obtain an escort pass that would allow your spouse or helper to carry things to the gate for you. They may not...

Eating with Kids while Traveling

Eating with Kids while Traveling

Tips for eating out

Food accounts for a major portion of travel expenses and kids when hungry cannot wait to eat. There are ways to avoid heavy hits on the budget such as always eating out at restaurants.

Breakfasts can be eaten in your room since...

Travel with Kids Checklist

Travel with Kids Checklist

It's always a hectic time whenever you decide to travel overseas and this can be particularly difficult when you have children with you. There are so many different things you need to account for and prepare for and you should always try and make sure...
Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Searching for decent travel insurance

Whenever you find yourself going away overseas there are always many things you need to do in order to make it a safe trip away. One such thing is making sure that you have your travel insurance arranged and that...

Emergency when Traveling with Kids

Emergency when Traveling with Kids

What to do in an emergency when travelling with kids

It's the last thing you want to experience when on holiday but there are times when they are unavoidable. What are we talking about? An emergency when you are travelling with your kids, that's what.


Australia with Triplets

Australia with Triplets
Free information for parents with triplets
We provide interesting information and are embracing information exchange with parents. Who likes to upload their stories, can decide if they remain anonymous or not.
This site is...

Triplets Blog

Do you have triplets and want to share your story?

Come to us for the opportunity to tell our readers all about raising triplets and what has and hasn't worked for you!

Having triplets is an experience that you will know nothing about. In fact it's...


Wow look triplets! Tips for you to follow when you meet a parent with triplets.

It's a pretty amazing thing when you think about it: having three babies all at once! And if you aren't lucky enough to experience it yourself then you will be amazed when...

Having Triplets

Before the birth of Triplets and After!

BEFORE you had your triplets, the idea of a restaurant you could enjoy was a restaurant where you could enjoy some great food with a simple and nice ambience.

But AFTER you have your triplets, the idea of a...

Triplets Costs

Triplets and the cost involved!

You've had triplets, you're stressing at the amount of work that you now have to do but have you actually also factored in the cost involved? It's not cheap to have a baby, so try multiplying that by three when it comes...

Nanny or Au Pair

Nanny Au Pair Australia
Options for helping you out with triplets
Having triplets is no doubt becoming a very daunting task for you and getting prepared for the caring side of things can be even more daunting. You can always ask as many friends and...

Triplet Prams

Triplette SW Pram

So you've found out the news that you're going to be parents! Fantastic! Even better, you find out you're going to be the parents of triplets! Well that brings a whole new level of complication to your situation now doesn't it? Everything...

Having Triplets Changed My Life

It had been a long time coming for my husband and I in getting pregnant. We had been trying and trying for many years and when we finally found out the news that I was pregnant, we were extremely excited. We had already started to buy many things for...

Mothers of Triplets

Receiving Compliments about your triplets!

Having triplets is an amazing experience and you will soon find yourself getting comments no matter where you go! I mean look at what you will be having with you: 3 beautiful babies all at once that is something...

Triplets Pregnancy

Do's & Don'ts of Having Triplets

DO embrace the opportunity at every single turn! As soon as you find out you are having triplets you are going to be scared, nervous and petrified. There are so many different emotions you will experience that we can't...

Triplets Babies

Weird and Unusual Comments about your triplets!

By now you have read the list of potentially good comments you will get about your triplets, and trust us when we say you will get all sorts of positive comments about your babies when you are out in public!


Triplet Babies Routine

Getting Your Triplets in to an easy routine!

When you have triplets you will soon find out the meaning of proper time conservation! Trust us on this! It can be very difficult to properly maintain a good amount of time and effort on many different activities...

Triplets Pregnancy

Frequently Asked Questions for the expectant mother of Triplets

By now if you have found out you are having triplets, you are no doubt finding yourself asking numerous questions. Well this is not unusual and if anything it is to be expected. Having triplets...

Triplets Australia

Triplets & Multiple Births

Finding out you are soon to be a parent is some of the best news you can ever find out, however being told you are going to have triplets or even more babies can be a massive shock for everyone involved! This is called 'Higher...

Parenting Triplets

7 Steps to Easy Triplet Care!

If you have found out you are going to be the parent of triplets we are sure you have had a wide variety of emotions! From the pure joy of finding out you are going to be a parent to a bit of panic knowing that you have...

Multiple Discounts for Triplets

Getting a discount for having triplets

One positive thing to come from being the parents of triplets is the fact that you often have the potential to get lots of discounts by buying multiple items all at once! Yes that's right, there are many baby shops...

Paediatricians in Australia

Finding the right Paediatricians for your triplets

It's always a good idea to have somebody on hand who is a reliable paediatrician so that you will always have a person to go to when your children need medical assistance. This is of course very important...

Traveling with Triplet Babies

Checklist for you accommodation search when traveling with triplet babies
You may ask the accommodation provider the following questions:

Can we get 3 cots for the babies? Do we pay for them?
Do you have a twin room available or something like:...


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